Movie Trailer 2

One day, five hours, wonderful cast and crew…
Thanks to all who contributed to the Kickstarter.

kickstart  sue-tof
 Thanks to our supporters Sue, Scot and Tyler check out the action
c-office gary-tyler
The office scene Tyler Chandrey (Sam Epps) and Gary Boelhower (Sheriff’s Deputy)
 shoot Tyler and Tolu
The beginning of the fight scene Tyler and Tolu about to (gee whiz) hold hands
c-crowd-3  c-crowd-clap1
 Crowd scenes
  c-crowd-clap-janet c-crowd-clap
c-hands11 c-hands2
a-tolu-charles1 a-tolu-charles
Tolu and Charles Obije (pianist) Tolu and Charles run through the song
a-tolu-cheryl a-tolu-daniel
Script review Tolu and Daniel Oyinloye (video consultant)
c-crowd-sing a-tolu-solo
 Tolu and Joah Colby (videographer)
 cheryl-matt memorizing-tolu-tyler
Setting it up Tolu memorizes her lines
 crew  church
Dean Vogtman (videographer) and Matt Dressel (Assistant Director) The crew

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